No proper checks are done on cheques deposited and hold per 5 business days

Early in 2005, a friend deposited a chaque of $61,000.00 into a business account, Bank of Montreal, at Goreway Drive, just south of Etude, city of Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

One week later, after waiting 5 business days the cheque was clear and $55,000.00 transfered to Japan, acording with suplayer instructions.

Almost four months later, somebody from that branch call and left a messase to an young teen. My friend comes home late and when about to call, on Monday morning, a registed letrer arribe from Ontario's High Court, acusing him of fraud.

It take 2 years, more them $20,000.00 lawyer and legal fees and, when running out of money, his lawyer have been hable to negociate a deal, paying $50,000.00 and the Bank clear all.

The Bank itentions was to get the house and put the family on the steet.

More detais later.